Friday, March 30, 2012

"Cactus Wren" watercolor 4"x6"

I observed this cactus wren go into its nest-in a side opening.
Actually, I saw both the male and female at the nest during a full hour observing the nest. This watercolor is a composite of the desert plants. Cactus wrens nest in Cholla but surrounding all this are the imposing Saguaro.
What makes us see a bird and see a nest? It takes time to follow the flight pattern, and awareness. The nest was the same color as the birds and the Cholla!
I will teach the art of SUMI-E brush painting at Pt Reyes(.org)
To know nature is through painting esthetic values (in black inks):
 WABI  (subtle taste)
SABI (elegant simplicity)
Color adds joy!

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